"CYBER Signage" to Be Launched for Free in the U.S. Market!
Japan's Fast-Growing De Facto Digital Signage Delivery Solution by Sofnetjapan Co.,Ltd Makes Its Debut in the U.S. on July 8, 2014

Entirely cloud-based, digital signage delivery solution "CYBER Signage." Facilitates the creation of high-quality digital signage effortlessly just with a few clicks of a mouse over an internet browser. (Graphic: Business Wire)

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TOKYO--()--"CYBER Signage" is a free cloud service-based digital signage delivery solution that supports everything from creation, to scheduling and delivery of pro-level signage content effortlessly just with a few clicks of a mouse over an internet browser - it even supports 4K video.

(CYBER Signage site: http://www.cybersignage.net/english/cybersignage/index.html)

CYBER Signage supports still pictures, video, captions, Flash, audio, and other source material as content to allow users to create, at no charge, high quality digital signage of up to 4K resolution.
CYBER Signage service will be deployed through Microsoft AZURE's U.S. servers which will provide U.S. users with a more optimized service.

The Player Application will be made available through the Google Play Store for android devices; through the App Store for iPads; and from the site listed below for the Windows OS.

"The global digital signage market is expected to continue expanding in the future. Accordingly, we believe there will be a dramatic increase in the need for digital signage delivery solutions that are based on online delivery, rather than the conventional stand-alone format.
CYBER Signage, which has already achieved rapid growth in Japan, is a revolutionary cloud-based service that combines high-reliability, simple operation, and capabilities that are more than sufficient to satisfy even pro-level demands.
We are optimistic that new users in the U.S. will seize this opportunity to experience CYBER Signage to take advantage of its many features in a variety of applications."
CEO/Motoharu Oda

[Sofnetjapan Co.,Ltd]
Established July 10, 1989.
Since its inception, the company’s business policy has been to merge software with networks, and continually strive to lead the crowd in developing high value-added network business solutions.
We aspire to build a global infrastructure of digital signage delivery solutions using "CYBER Signage" based on cloud application technologies cultivated to date.


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Sofnetjapan Co.,Ltd
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