FIFA World Cup 2014 Fans Have SubAir Systems to Thank for Dry Fields in the Middle of the Amazon Rainforest

Arena de Sao Paolo, one of the stadiums at which World Cup 2014 is being played, features a turf management system from Subair Systems. (Photo: Business Wire)


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CHARLESTON, S.C.--()--Rain can quickly turn a soccer field into an unsafe surface that could cause injury to players, and, with FIFA World Cup 2014 being played in Brazil, many games have faced heavy rains. In the cities of São Paulo, Salvador, Manaus, and Porto Alegre, the impact of the rain is mitigated by SubAir Systems, which can be operated during the match to pull any rain fall as it lands on the surface, down into the soil profile and then down into the drainage, keeping the field from becoming saturated and allowing the match to continue without large puddles of standing water.

Manaus is located in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. Leading up to the games, they have faced high humidity, intense heat, and unrelenting rain. Kevin Crowe, senior vice president and agronomist for SubAir Systems calls the fact that they have any grass at all “a testament to the hard work of the groundsman and FIFA and the tools that they have implemented, including SubAir”. In the stadiums with SubAir Systems installed, they have the ability to make sure there is no standing water on the surface and to help dry the entire root profile, along with providing fresh air into the soil profile to help stimulate more plant growth and a stronger root system.

At São Paulo’s Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, players are kicking and dribbling on cool season grass, despite the hot weather. Thanks to the SubAir system, the SubAir treated Air cooling system and the undersoil Hydronic cooling system, they are able to grow a species of grass that is not native to this warm climate.

Crowe says, “SubAir is proud to be a part of helping these venues provide world-class playing conditions and to have continuing relationships with these facilities before and after these events, so that we can be a part of their ongoing agronomic practices and help them to overcome the day-to-day challenges of producing world-class turf conditions.”

SubAir Systems

SubAir Systems is a solutions company with an agronomic and engineering staff dedicated to finding solutions for turf problems that are not available in the current market through traditional equipment suppliers.

For more information on SubAir and its products, visit their website at or call them at 803-641-6663.


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Release Summary

Thanks to SubAir Systems, FIFA World Cup 2014 players at four playing venues—São Paulo, Salvador, Manaus, and Porto Alegre—are able to enjoy dry fields.



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