Parallels Survey of IT Pros Reveals Almost Half of Businesses Offer Employees Macs

Separate T-shirt Giveaway Contest Reveals IT Pro Humor about How They Manage Macs: “Blocking and Tackling”, “Unicorns”, “Denial” and “Magic”

Parallels Desktop for Mac software lets you run Windows 7, Windows 8 and OS X Mavericks simultaneously on a Mac without rebooting. (Photo: Business Wire)

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MacIT 2014
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SAN FRANCISCO & RENTON, Wash.--()--MacIT Conference – Parallels® (, a global leader in cross-platform solutions, just announced results of a commissioned survey of 200 IT professionals about adoption of Macs in the enterprise. Results revealed that almost half of businesses (45 percent) currently offer their employees Macs, as well as other interesting data points about attitudes of IT decision makers toward Macs ( Additionally, a T-shirt giveaway currently underway on Spiceworks (, is revealing humor when IT pros fill in the blank: “I currently use ___ to manage the Mac(s) on my network.” More than 600 replies and counting – which include everything from “nothing” to “my coworker” and “Jedi Mind Tricks” – can be accessed online at

“Mac management in business environments is much like the Wild West – dangerous and lawless, with no real structure in place to govern and protect its inhabitants,” said Jack Zubarev, co-founder and president of Parallels. “On a more serious note, not having the right tools in place to manage the Macs coming on to corporate networks can lead to real deficiencies in employee productivity and security. Parallels Solutions for Business address those deficiencies” (

Some of the more colorful answers can be found below:

Magic, wizardry and prayer:

  • “I currently use magic and witchcraft to manage the Mac(s) in my network.” – wingzfan99
  • “I currently use unicorns to manage the Mac(s) in my network. Or leprechauns.” – bataeag

Use of profanity, alcohol and other soothing medications:

  • “I currently use a lot of profanities to manage the Mac(s) in my network.” – Larry9219
  • “I currently use migraine medications to manage the Mac(s) in my network.” – manclncjj

Nothing at all, or a refusal to support: (The variation of this answer appear in hundreds of responses)

  • “I currently use nothing to manage the Macs on my network.” – hayden-matt
  • “I currently use nothing to manage the Macs on my network. Fortunately because they are not allowed.” - aaron261

Indifference, ignorance or denial:

  • “I currently use ignorance and indifference to manage the Mac(s) in my network.” – Daniel537
  • “I currently use appalling neglect to manage the Mac(s) in my network.” – Trindad Rancheria

Hard work, elbow grease (not necessarily one’s own):

  • “I currently (ab)use the other IT guy in our company with the management of the Macs on my network.” – Scott_in_Germany
  • “I currently use my own blood, toil, tears, and sweat to manage the Macs in my network.” – Jeff8028


On March 26-27, Parallels will be in San Francisco at MacIT 2014 (, a conference held in conjunction with Macworld/iWorld that focuses on deploying Apple in the enterprise.

Parallels President Jack Zubarev will lead the “How to Control and Manage Macs with Existing Infrastructure and Leverage Your Windows Stack Investment” session (TBGS2) on Wed., March 26th, from 2:40 p.m. to 3:25 p.m. Loyola University’s Client Services Engineer, William Udovich, and Lytro’s IT Director, Adam Kostrzak, will share their first-hand experiences and successes with tackling this growing challenge in weeks rather than years. Learn how a customer used their existing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) infrastructure with Parallels Mac Management plug-in to manage Macs just like they do PCs. If you really want answers to your Mac questions, don’t miss this session.

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John Uppendahl, Sr. Director of Global Communications
Bite Communications for Parallels
Keely Hopkins, 415-365-0361

Release Summary

Survey of IT professional reveals almost half of companies offer employees Macs. Contest for IT pros reveals humor, use of "Jedi Mind Tricks", "Denial", "Unicorns" and "Blocking and Tackling"


John Uppendahl, Sr. Director of Global Communications
Bite Communications for Parallels
Keely Hopkins, 415-365-0361