The Art of Health Promotion April 1 Webinar: Assessing ‘Value of Investment’ in Employee Health Management Programs

Webinar provides HR professionals with core set of metrics for quantifying EHM program success

ATLANTA--()--Human resource executives, benefits managers and other leaders with responsibility for employee health management (EHM) programs are invited to attend a webinar, “Value on Investment: Is it Time for a Broader Value Proposition for Wellness?”, that will help them assess and quantify their programs’ success.

Presented by the American Journal of Health Promotion, the webinar will feature a discussion about a metrics guide for employers, Program Measurement & Evaluation Guide: Core Metrics for Employee Health Management. A summary of the key features of the Evaluation Guide are published in the current March/April issue of The Art of Health Promotion. It will begin at 1 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, April 1.

The Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) and Population Health Alliance (PHA) developed the Program Measurement and Evaluation Guide to establish a core set of metrics for assessing EHM programs. The report’s recommendations for measuring program effectiveness exceed traditional return on investment (ROI) concerns, encompassing greater value on investment (VOI) regarding broader benefits such as a healthy culture, resiliency and high performance.

“After two years and countless hours of research and discussions, HERO and PHA have responded comprehensively to employers needing effective metrics for assessing EHM impact,” said Dr. Michael J. Connor, Alere Health senior vice president of health intelligence, Guide co-author and webinar co-host. “This is a key step toward creating meaningful data to support business decisions, and we encourage all professionals who are stakeholders in such programs to join us for an enlightening discussion.”

The webinar will offer an extensive, interactive question-and-answer session with Dr. Connor and his co-hosts, Dr. Wendy Lynch, director of Altarum's Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care, and Dr. Paul Terry, chief science officer at StayWell Health Management.

The webinar hosts will ensure that the session covers such key topics as:

  • How to clearly and demonstrably articulate the degree to which a current EHM program is and is not succeeding
  • How to evaluate EHM programs under consideration
  • Clearing the confusion currently surrounding EHM concepts, terminology and measurements
  • Why VOI provides a more accurate assessment of EHM success than does traditional ROI measurement, and how to relay its methodology to executives and other stakeholders

Interested professionals can sign up here for the Webinar at no charge. For more information, visit the Health Promotion Journal website or email

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Learn how to assess the value of your wellness program by joining Alere and TJAP for a free webinar on “Value on Investment” at 1 p.m. EST, April 1.



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