MMJ Labs Introduces Buzzy Mini: Taking the Sting Out of Shots, Delivering Pain Relief for All

Compact Pain Management Device Delivers Powerful Pain Blocking on the Spot and Reduces Fear of Needles in People of All Ages

2014 International CES

LAS VEGAS--()--MMJ Labs, a leading researcher and developer of non-invasive analgesic devices, introduces Buzzy Mini during the 2014 CES Digital Health Summit, the latest entry to its award-winning line of personal pain management products.

“Advances in medicine have resulted in a healthier populace, but also a dramatic increase in the number of injections the average American receives,” said Dr. Amy Baxter, founder and CEO, MMJ Labs. “Needle fear has become a very real, very dangerous public health issue. Shots hurt; before Buzzy, patients had no control over pain management.”

Like the original Buzzy®, Buzzy Mini uses cold and high-frequency, low amplitude vibration to naturally block pain on contact. Designed with home users in mind, this 36% smaller device fits in the palm of your hand, giving greater user flexibility for injections or injuries.

“We created Buzzy to prevent unnecessary pain from needle sticks,” said Dr. Baxter. “Our original Buzzy was adopted by hospitals, but we realized a smaller model was better for home shots or therapy. Buzzy Mini is simple, affordable, highly effective medical technology that will reduce pain and improve lives for people all over the world.”

Buzzy products offer natural pain relief through the physiology of gate control, desensitizing nerves with alternate sensations to dull or eliminate sharp pain. Available over the counter directly to patients, Buzzy products have been proven in clinical trials to decrease needle pain by 88%, and can also be used to treat itching and burning, everyday joint and muscle aches, and even to complement icing routines for injuries.

Buzzy Mini is available in basic black, striped or ladybug design. It retails for $39.95, and is available via the Buzzy site, at Amazon, and other leading online retailers. The device is proudly made in America.

About MMJ Labs:

MMJ Labs was established to reduce worldwide pain through inexpensive reusable personal products and research. The company’s flagship pain management product, Buzzy®, is used by more than 1,200 hospitals and 36,000 users, and was a Medical Design Excellence Awards recipient in 2011. Invented in 2004 by Dr. Amy Baxter, a physician of emergency pediatrics and pain researcher, Buzzy R&D was funded by a $1.1M NIH Fast-Track SBIR grant. MMJ Labs donates 10% of profits to organizations that help relieve suffering. For more information, visit


For MMJ Labs
Paul D. Snyder, 404-414-4240

Release Summary

Buzzy products offer natural injection pain relief by confusing the body’s own nerves and distracting attention away from the poke, thereby dulling or eliminating sharp pain from shots.



For MMJ Labs
Paul D. Snyder, 404-414-4240