Vestiage Adds to Advisory Committee in Fourth Quarter

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--()--Vestiage, the science-based anti-aging company, announced today that Olympic swimmer and investor Dara Torres, notable physicians Leonard Miller, MD, FACS FRC and Robert Burke MD, well known Boston-based investors Tom Janes and Elizabeth Edwards, entrepreneurs and investors Eric Harp and Jeff Goulding, and pioneering sports agent Evan Morgenstein, have all joined the Vestiage Advisory Committee in the last two quarters. The Vestiage Advisory Committee is made up of 12 key individuals with expertise across a broad array of disciplines relevant to the Company's business.

CEO of Vestiage, Scott Kimball stated, "Early in our Company’s development we recognized that in order for our Company to become a respected authority on healthy aging, we needed to tap into the best minds. In order for us to be successful in marketing and selling the brands we create and acquire, we need the best and brightest in those disciplines. To properly manage the expected rapid growth of our business, we recognized a need for people that have historically invested in successful brands and been at the ground floor of rapidly growing brands. Our Advisory Committee is our brain trust, our most trusted advisors, people that have no agenda other than for us to succeed. They are our first line of defense and offense when we need unbiased answers, to help us make more intelligent decisions, to open doors for us with key accounts and people, to drive new ideas and potential acquisitions to Vestiage. The Advisory Committee Members are why we have been able to accomplish so much, so quickly, and with an efficient use of capital."

Five Time Olympian and winner of 12 Olympic medals, Dara Torres, is a key part of the Vestiage Advisory Committee and plays several roles for the Company, including endorsement of the Company, its products, and assisting in the development of science-based supplements targeted at the professional and amateur female athlete.

"At the age of 46, I am now a middle aged mom and ex-athlete who continues to stay fit and has a passion to help others do the same," said Dara Torres. "Vestiage was the first company I felt had great products, a strong strategic plan and wanted input on what 40+ women and men wanted from the products they take daily. The opportunity to work on educating my peer group on how the Vestiage vision can help their quality of life is now my mission!" said Torres.

Vestiage CEO Scott Kimball stated, "There is no human being on the planet that better depicts the qualities, philosophies and goals we have at Vestiage than Dara Torres. I think all of us at some level are curious as to how certain people are able to age without limitations, live beautifully as they age, perform well physically and mentally as they age, and maintain a high quality of life as they age. Dara is living proof that you can perform better with age and remain beautiful as you age. At Vestiage, this is our passion and our quest, to deliver the findings from science and research to consumers in the form of science-based products that indeed help people live well and perform well both physically and mentally as they age. Dara joined us because of her shared passion for these things and our philosophical stand and integrity in this business. We are so grateful for her involvement."

Dr. Robert Burke M.D. is a Mayo Clinic trained cardiologist with a specific interest in men's aging issues. He was integral to the creation, formulation and growth of the RegiMEN™ Mens Healthy Aging System of nutraceuticals that is now a part of the Vestiage brand family. Dr Burke will continue to work with Vestiage in the development of additional products and innovations for RegiMEN™ and the other Vestiage brands.

Dr. Burke said, "I look forward to working with Vestiage in developing the next generation of Men's Health supplements."

Noted Harvard trained surgeon and non-invasive facial rejuvenation specialist Leonard Miller, MD, FACS FRCS is the Founder of the Boston Center for Rejuvenation and is an active investor in companies that are dedicated to advancing science and technology in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine.

Elizabeth Edwards has extensive experience in the Life Sciences business in sales, product marketing, finance, and operations at both large and emerging pharmaceutical and biotech companies. She is active in the Boston and Cambridge venture capital arena and has been an angel investor to several start-ups. She graduated from Harvard with a degree in Philosophy and obtained her MBA from UPENN/The Wharton Business School. She lives an active lifestyle participating in Ironman Triathlons and skiing.

Thomas W. Janes is the CEO and Founder of Kerry Capital Advisors, a private investment firm which also acts as a senior advisor to private and public middle market companies. An experienced private equity fund manager with deep experience in mergers and acquisitions, he brings additional financial experience to the Vestiage team. His business experience includes having been in senior positions with Drexel Burnham, First Boston, Lazard Freres & Co., and as a management consultant at Bain & Company.

R. Jeffrey Goulding is a top sales, design, and manufacturing entrepreneur in the fashion and footwear business. He was the COO and grew the Rocket Dog brand rapidly from a small company to over $200 million in sales and sold it. Prior to that, he was with the Nike/Cole Haan brand. He was the founding partner of the Rough Justice brand which was sold to a public company in 2009. Jeff is a uniquely creative executive, bringing strong creative and design talents, operational execution and business management talent to Vestiage. He has established excellent long term relationships with retailers such as Nordstrom, Forever 21, Bloomingdales, Macy's, Fred Segal, Pac Sun, Bebe, Aldo, Ross, and TJ Maxx and has particular expertise in sourcing and production from China.

Eric Harp is an internet pioneer having developed one of the early internet-based gaming businesses. He is now an investor, entrepreneur and owner of a chain of retail stores specializing in precious metals and diamonds.

Evan Morgenstein is the President and CEO of CelebExperts and PMG Sports where he has consulted with Fortune 10 companies as well as crafted celebrity spokespeople deals for some of the most famous personalities in pop culture including TV stars, athletes, celebrity chefs, home & garden experts, movie stars and musicians.

Evan Morgenstein said, "I am very impressed with what Scott Kimball and Vestiage have lined up in the supplement and healthy aging category. It is in line with where my firm sees huge growth in retail and on-line sales over the next 5 years. After negotiating with Scott to have Olympic icon Dara Torres as the company’s spokesperson, I started seeing the vision and growth model for the company. I find their thinking to be inspiring and way out in front of their competitors."

Vestiage was created by Cypress Consumer Partners, a private equity firm focused on health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition in concert with natural products industry production partners and cutting edge ingredient manufacturers. The Vestiage Advisory Committee and executive team is made up of 12 individuals that are experienced and skilled in several disciplines that are important to the company. These include former professional and Olympic athletes, current experts and executives in consumer products sales and marketing, advertising, finance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate strategy, operations, brand development, natural products, medicine and life sciences and other investors.

About Vestiage

Vestiage (stock symbol "VEST") is a publicly traded healthy aging company offering premium branded, science-based nutraceuticals. Vestiage is focused on the mission of extending the quality of an active life using human stem cell, marine/ocean, and cutting edge botanically based science and patented botanical ingredients to produce pure, highly potent and effective products. Vestiage creates and distributes multifunctional nutraceuticals through Monterey Bay Nutraceuticals and RegiMEN™. Vestiage's branded products address the top “in demand” anti-aging consumer concerns. Vestiage research is focused on extending the quality of an active life and human performance science that covers both the cognitive and physical realms. To learn more, please visit the Company website,

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