Skimpy Mixers Lo-Cal Drink Mixer Now Available Nationwide at Select Wal-Marts for the Holidays

Just in time for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, new, lo-cal drink mixers made with real fruit juices will now be available at select Wal-Marts in US

DALLAS--()--Skimpy Mixers, a new lo-cal drink mixer created by women entrepreneurs and best friends, will now be available for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays starting Dec 26-Jan 2 at select Wal-Mart retail locations nationwide. The lo-cal mixers created to blend with your favorite alcohol are made with real fruit juices, are low in calories as well as sugar content, and taste great. This is a special, limited-time only, promotional launch before Skimpy Mixers’ official launch in mid-February.

The company’s tagline is “Skimp on the Calories. Not on the Taste.” In a growing market of lo-cal drink mixers, Skimpy Mixers brand stands out as the first liquid-based, real fruit juice drink mixer that is low in calories and sugar that tastes great. Its founders sprung upon the idea while attending a friend’s Bachelorette pool party and they loved the frozen drinks being served and were amazed that they couldn’t taste the alcohol content. “When we tried to see how we could get more of the drink that was served it was not available and nothing like it was on the market,” said Vice President Krista LaMothe. They also learned that the version they were drinking had close to 800 calories and if they were to recreate it, it could not contain that level of caloric content.

Skimpy Mixers are sweetened with Real Fruit Juice Concentrate so they actually taste great and not like you are drinking something diet. “They are ‘lower in Calorie’ but they aren't so low that they lack flavor. I drink regular soda and am not a diet cola drinker so I wanted to make sure that our flavors taste like the real deal,” said President and Co-Founder Megan Toole.

Co-Founder and Brand Formulator Summer Lamons created the nutritional profile and formulation for each flavor. “Our mixers are gluten-free, sweetened with Splenda & Real Fruit Juice, and have no aspartame,” said Lamons.

There are five flavors in all, including:

  • Orange - 35 Calories/5 Grams of Sugar (Orange Juice normally has any where between 30 to 40 grams of sugar per serving) - can be blended with Vodka, Rum, Coconut Rum, Champagne or Whipped Vodka
  • Berry Lemonade - 15 Calories/0 grams of Sugar - can be blended with Vodka, White Moscato Wine, Rum, or Whiskey
  • Pineapple - 40 Calories/3 grams of sugar (Pineapple Juice normally has anywhere from 30 to 40 grams of sugar per serving) - can be blended with Vodka, Coconut Rum (will taste like a Pina Colada), Rum, Champagne, Cake Vodka or Whipped Vodka
  • Skimpy Margarita - 20 Calories/0 grams of sugar - can be blended with Tequila or Vodka
  • Sweet ‘N’ Sour - 20 Calories/0 grams of sugar - can be blended with Vodka, Whiskey, and taste great in an Long Island Ice Tea, Amaretto Sour and Apple Martini

The mixers are also fun and are easily spotted on store shelves or at a party with their fashionable, signature, black and white, Zebra-print bottle sleeves. Like Skimpy Mixers, every woman needs a little something animal print as an accessory in her wardrobe.

Skimpy Mixers LLC headquarters are based in Carrollton, Texas, and the mixers are formulated there and bottled in Chicago. The founders have been collectively based in the Dallas area for 14 years. President and Co-Founder Megan Toole is from Edmond, OK, and graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Marketing. Vice President Krista LaMothe is from Perry, Illinois, and graduated from the University of North Texas with a Degree in Marketing. Co-Founder Summer Lamons is also from Edmond, OK, and graduated from University of Tulsa with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and Masters in Dietetics with an emphasis in Health Promotion from The University of Oklahoma.

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Skimpy Mixers
Lisa Endicott, 214-526-3848, ext. 2



Skimpy Mixers
Lisa Endicott, 214-526-3848, ext. 2