Bonded Logic Launches Two Acoustic Products to Control Unwanted Noise

Both products now available at all Menards locations

CHANDLER, Ariz.--()--Bonded Logic has two new environmentally-friendly options to help control unwanted sound in homes and businesses.

Bonded Logic is launching the UltraTouch+ Sound Control System, an innovative way to limit sound from jumping between rooms. UltraTouch+ combines a higher density version of UltraTouch Denim Insulation with sound dampening strips. The sound dampening strips are applied to the wood framing prior to drywall installation, and the strips and dense insulation work together to stop sound transfer between rooms.

UltraTouch+ showed an improvement of more than 30% in acoustical performance in recent laboratory tests. All components of UltraTouch+ are manufactured from recycled denim, providing both sustainability and strong acoustic performance.

“It’s an affordable and easy-to-use tool to stop sound transfer from room-to-room,” said Sean Desmond, director of sales and marketing for Bonded Logic. “This will be especially effective in places with common walls like apartments and condos.”

Bonded Logic also is launching UltraSonic Acoustic Panels, which are made from recycled cotton. The panels absorb about 85% of sonic energy and improve a room’s sound quality and acoustics while cancelling echoes and reverberation.

UltraSonic Acoustic Panels are perfect for home theaters, playrooms, dorm rooms, music rooms, garages, workshops and basements. Panels are easy to install using Command adhesive strips, which are included. They can be removed and relocated without damaging walls. Each kit contains six 1’ x 1’ acoustic panels.

“When you use our acoustic panels you will immediately notice the improvement in a room’s acoustics. These panels are great at reducing unwanted noise,” Desmond said. “As high-density urban living continues to increase, sound control will continue to become even more important to consumers.”

Both products are now available at all Menards stores.

The new items are the latest in a long line of Bonded Logic products, which includes UltraTouch Denim Insulation. Available at Menards since 2011, UltraTouch has received international attention as effective home insulation made from recycled denim.

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About Bonded Logic, Inc.

With more than 35 years of insulation experience, Bonded Logic markets and manufactures a wide range of thermal and acoustic insulation products for multiple industries. Based in Chandler, Ariz., Bonded Logic offers a superior natural fiber product to meet every insulation need while keeping consumers and the environment safe and healthy. The company is best known for its UltraTouch Denim Insulation – sourced entirely of post-consumer blue jeans and free of harsh chemicals. Bonded Logic is an OEM supplier to leading manufacturers in various industries, including Bosch dishwashers. Bonded Logic’s products are widely available throughout the United States at retailers including The Home Depot, Lowe’s and Menards. For more information or to find a distributor, visit


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Release Summary

Bonded Logic has two new green options to control sound. The UltraTouch+ Sound Control System limits sound from jumping between rooms. UltraSonic Acoustic Panels are made from recycled cotton.


for Bonded Logic
Chris Fiscus, 602-417-1329