Over 10,000 People Sign Up in Just the First Week to Take Giving With Purpose, the First-Ever Free Massive Open Online Course (M.O.O.C.) on Effective Charitable Giving

Registration open through July...sign up today, take the class and give away the Foundation’s money!

More than 10,000 students from all 50 states and 78 counties are registered. Register today for the chance to distribute the Foundation’s capital and learn from accomplished guest speakers Warren Buffett, Doris Buffett, Thomas C. Werner, Cal Ripken Jr., Soledad O'Brien, and Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield (Ben & Jerry).

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30 second preview of Giving With Purpose Guest Speakers Warren Buffett and Doris Buffett


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BOSTON--()--The LearningbyGivingFoundation announces in the first week of GivingWithPurpose, the first ever Massive Open Online Course (M.O.O.C.) in charitable giving, more than 10,000 individuals interested in making a difference in their communities have registered to take the course. GivingWithPurpose is free and offers everyone the opportunity to make real grants using the foundation’s money. Registration is still open through the end of the month of July, so join the class today at www.learningbygivingfoundation.org.

The first of six classes is now live, featuring interactive video lessons by Rebecca Riccio, the Founding Director of a Northeastern University experiential philanthropy education program. In this first class, Rebecca interviews guest speakers Warren Buffett and Doris Buffett as students in the class hear how they think about philanthropy and what motivated them each to give.

“We hope that anyone who is interested in making a difference in their community this summer will go and sign up for ‘GivingWithPurpose’ today.” said Doris Buffett, first benefactor and Founder of the LearningbyGivingFoundation. She continued, “Every person who signs up will learn how to invest charitable dollars in their communities. I am thrilled that this course gives them the chance to apply what they learn by distributing our money to where it is needed most.”

Registration is open throughout the month of July. Sign up for GivingWithPurpose today at www.learningbygivingfoundation.org.

About the LearningbyGivingFoundation

Doris Buffett created the first LearningbyGivingFoundation program in 2003 and has since partnered with over 30 colleges and universities around the country. Each class receives a $10,000 grant for the students to distribute to local nonprofit organizations. Through the program, the Foundation encourages the teaching of philanthropy while simultaneously making charitable investments to people and communities in need.

Please visit www.learningbygivingfoundation.org and like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @learngive, and Google+ and watch us on YouTube.

For any questions regarding the LearningbyGivingFoundation or GivingWithPurpose please contact help@learningbygivingfoundation.org.


Alex Buffett Rozek, 650-318-1091

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Over 10,000 people sign up in just the first week to take Giving With Purpose. Registration open through July. Sign up today to give away our money!



Alex Buffett Rozek, 650-318-1091