Vertical Search Works Launches Automotive Vertical with Source Interlink

Advertising Platform Provider Grows Network Reach, Billions of Ad Impressions Served Each Month

NEW YORK--()--Today, top search technology company Vertical Search Works (VSW), expands into the automotive industry by partnering with Source Interlink, a leading integrated media and merchandising company focused on enthusiasts of automotive, action sports and other niche activities, to launch its first-ever automotive vertical content network. VSW’s extension of VSW FeatureLink™, its semantic ad matching solution, into the growing online automotive industry presents new opportunities for both publishers and advertisers. Source Interlink chose VSW as an avenue to boost monetization of 175 million qualified pageviews on leading brand sites,,, and niche channels such as the Street Rod Channel Performance Channel, Tuner Channel, In-Market Channel and more starting this month.

The auto industry spent $11.9 billion on paid search in 2012 (according to the research firm Borrell Associates), and by moving into this vertical VSW is creating new avenues for advertisers to reach more consumers on industry leading automotive sites at both the national and geo-targeted level. Large and niche online publications can leverage VSW FeatureLink™ to capitalize on new revenue streams from paid search advertising, delivering results powered by VSW’s semantic technology to maximize ad appeal.

This move into automotive extends VSW’s network reach from more than 700 million to billions of pageviews per month, reaching millions more unique consumers on a monthly basis. Source Interlink and other publishers in the automotive space can leverage VSW’s new vertical to add new search revenue streams to their bottom line by showcasing relevant and engaging ads in conjunction with their online content. VSW’s proprietary technology knows which ad to serve based on both the content and context of each site it works with.

“We continue to explore exciting opportunities to serve consumers, advertisers, and publishers in areas where there is continued growth, and the automotive industry is a segment that we see rapidly expanding in the paid search arena,” said Colin Jeavons, President and CEO of VSW. “With this alliance, VSW aims to empower Source Interlink with a brand new revenue stream, more relevant advertising on their affiliate sites, and most importantly – a better ad experience for their customers.”

The integration of FeatureLink on Source Interlink now gives business owners and automotive advertisers the opportunity to feature their business via a new search advertising platform that provides better targeting through semantic technology. Advertisers can create customized ads that are text and image-based, as well as utilize FeatureLink’s geo-targeting capabilities to maximize the relevance of the advertising. As an example, a local garage specializing in tires can now target regional consumers reading articles or watching videos about specific topics such as winter tires on any of Source Interlink’s websites.

“Our attention is always focused on our audience and their needs. By partnering with VSW, we can support our content with complementary ads based on our site user’s interests, providing a seamless and robust online experience,” said Eric Schwab, EVP Sales and Marketing of Source Interlink.

VSW’s automotive vertical is an expansion of its existing vertical content network, which currently serves the entertainment, family, food, home, garden, wedding, and woodworking industries. This new automotive ad network is now open for all partners in the space, for more information please visit

About Vertical Search Works™

Vertical Search Works is a search technology company which leverages its proprietary products to deliver more valuable results for advertisers, publishers and consumers across targeted vertical industries. Powered by patented semantic technology, VSW’s products leverage semantic intelligence to establish stronger connections between user intent and content consumption. In doing so, VSW is able to create better connections between words and their meanings in order to provide more relevant online and mobile experiences for consumers and enhanced monetization opportunities for content creators and advertisers. VSW has already seen great success in the vertical search and digital advertising industries, as demonstrated by partnerships with major online publishers and global brands such as Meredith Corporation and Taunton Media. Learn more about Vertical Search Works at

About Source Interlink:

Source Interlink Companies ( is a leading, integrated media, merchandising and logistics company; providing compelling and unique content to enthusiast audiences, and operational and logistical solutions to retail partners. As a full service sales and solutions provider, we offer innovation, insight, and real-life solutions that drive retail and front-end sales.

Our success is attributed to the ability to scale our successfully proven business model and competencies into new ventures, marketplaces and platforms, while maintaining the profitability and integrity of our core business. Source Interlink’s breadth of capabilities and expertise is what sets us apart in the industry and delivers measurable results to our customers, partners and employees.


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Release Summary

Vertical Search Works (VSW), expands into the automotive industry by partnering with Source Interlink, an integrated media company focused on enthusiasts of automotive, action sports and other niches.


FusionPR on behalf of Vertical Search Works
Victoria Yarnish, 310-481-1431, Ext. 18