Land O'Lakes and Grill Girl Team Up to Boost Confidence Behind the Grill

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MINNEAPOLIS--()--The season for outdoor dining is short and sweet, and grilling is a fun way to put fast, flavorful and low-fuss meals on the table while basking in the summer sunshine. According to a recent survey, commissioned by Land O’Lakes, Inc. and conducted by Kelton, 39 percent of women reported that they don’t use a grill regularly. However, the survey also showed that 57 percent of women are excited about the idea of firing up the grill, and they said education would increase confidence and time spent behind the grill.

Learn Grilling Basics
Land O’Lakes teamed up with national grilling expert, Robyn Lindars, also known as Grill Girl, to share tips at the grill. As a food blogger for and rising star on the national food scene, Robyn is leading the charge by sharing her expertise and passion for grilling with other women.

“LAND O LAKES® Deli American is the perfect grilling confidence booster,” Lindars said. “It melts well on a wide variety of grilled foods—from classic burgers to pizza and wraps—and it simply makes everything taste better.”

Lindars, who teaches grilling clinics for women, offers her top five tips to get the best results on the grates:

  • Start with a clean grill. A clean grill is a safer grill. Keep a stiff-bristled grill brush on hand and clean it after every use. This will help prevent flare-ups and “off” flavors.
  • Know your heat zones. To get the most out of your grill, use two separate heat zones: direct heat (right over the coals or the lit burner) and indirect (away from the coals or over an unlit burner). If you’ve got a charcoal grill, the trick is stacking the briquettes so the heat is condensed. Once the charcoal has turned gray, spread them out and start cooking. Use direct heat for quick cooking and searing meats and vegetables. Use indirect heat to finish cooking or to bake.
  • No peeking. Resist the temptation to lift the grill and supervise the progress. If you’re looking, the meat’s not cooking.
  • Use the right gadgets to gauge temperature. Use a meat thermometer to determine exactly when to pull dinner off of the grates. Always pull meat off at a temperature about 5–10˚F lower than your target and let it rest before cutting it.
  • Dress the part. Wear an apron and use oven mitts to shield from any flare-ups.

Recipes for Grilling Success
Lindars created a collection of grilled pizza recipes for Land O’Lakes to make the learning process simple and delicious. Her recipes are both sophisticated enough for entertaining (Thai Shrimp Pizza) and tempting enough to allure even the pickiest eaters (BLT Pizza).

“Pizza is an unexpected grilling idea for a lot of people,” Lindars said, “but it’s a great teaching recipe to show cooks how indirect and direct heat on grills can offer versatility similar to ovens and stovetops.”

The survey also revealed that 31 percent of women want to make grilled food taste better. Land O’Lakes has a little secret that masks imperfect grill marks and adds extra yum to whatever you’ve got on the grates: cheese!

Land O’Lakes created a new collection of creative, family-friendly summer grilling recipes, in addition to the hundreds of grilling recipes and tips already featured on the popular cooking site. The Grilling with Cheese collection showcases the versatility of LAND O LAKES® Deli American and 4 Cheese Italian Blend, as well as the wide variety of family dinners that can be made on the grill, including Moroccan Sliders, Grilled Caesar Salad and Dessert Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. All of these recipes and more can be found at

“With a few simple tips, creative recipes and the right ingredients, we hope to see a lot more women using the grill to put delicious summer meals on the table,” Lindars said.

Join the #CheeseChatter Grilling Twitter Party on Thursday, June 27 at 8 p.m. EST. Grill Girl, a blogger and grilling expert, and Samantha, an expert from the Land O’Lakes Test Kitchen, will answer your questions about grilling and provide cheesy recipes to make your Fourth of July party a hit. Ask grilling questions and use the #CheeseChatter hashtag in your tweets for a chance to win grilling prizes! Read the official rules.

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About Robyn Lindars, Grill Girl
Robyn Lindars, also known as Grill Girl, wants everyone to fire up the grill. As a food blogger and rising star on the national food scene, Robyn is leading the charge for delicious and healthier grilling—mastered by men and women alike. She shares tips and recipes with thousands of devoted readers at

Robyn is a natural coach, and her popular Women’s Grilling Clinics have inspired hundreds of women to be more confident at the grill. Her recipes and articles have appeared in national publications including the Huffington Post, USA Today’s Grilling Edition, Big Green Egg Lifestyle and the Miami Herald. Robyn has also appeared on the Food Network’s “Chopped,” the Cooking Channel’s “Foodography,” and the Travel Channel’s “Festivals Exposed.” She writes regularly for Kingsford Charcoal’s, the National Pork Board’s site and other popular grilling sites.


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Land O’Lakes teamed up with national grilling expert, Robyn Lindars, also known as Grill Girl, to share recipes and tips at the grill. Visit for details.



For Land O'Lakes
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