Kyocera Connector Products Developed "Series 5843" 0.35mm-pitch Board-to-Board Connector

For high-density package of electronic equipment such as smartphones and mobile devices

Kyocera Connector Products released Series 5843, 0.35mm-pitch Board-to-Board Connector for smartphones, tablet PCs, and other mobile devices (Photo: Business Wire)

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YOKOHAMA, Japan--()--Kyocera Connector Products Corporation released "Series 5843," 0.35mm-pitch Board-to-Board Connector, mounted in smartphones, tablet PCs, and other mobile devices.

Since the number of components to be mounted is increasing in diversified electronic devices, higher density package is required for using the limited space on the printed circuit board, effectively realizing smaller and thinner products.

This newly developed "Series 5843" is narrower than Kyocera's 0.4mm-pitch existing products by 0.05mm, and also a space-saving product with 0.8mm of stacking height (clearance between boards) and 2.4mm wide.

By placing this product on the market, Kyocera Connector Products will contribute to electronics devices requiring smaller, thinner, and higher density package technologies.


  • Space-saving realized by 0.35mm of the narrower pitch
    0.35mm-pitch achieved approx.12.7% reduction in length of the product compared with our 0.4mm-pitch existing products (Series 5804).
  • Wide range of pin counts available from 10 to 120 positions
    10 to 120 positions will be available.
  • Realizing good manipulation performance
    The locking structure of the mated connectors is our proprietary technology, with which nice clicking feeling is obtained in spite of its low-profile, and the contact retention strength against un-mating is enhanced.
  • Best suitable for high-density package
    The bottom of the products is insulated to avoid exposure of contacts as much as possible, as well as Kyocera's 0.4mm-pitch existing products such as Series 5802, 5803, 5804, 5805 and etc., which contributes to less limitation in designing pattern layouts right under the connector on a printed circuit board.
  • Resistant to vibration, drop shock, and foreign matters and realizing high contact reliability
    Contacts are designed dual side/bite type for more secure at the shock and vibration, and to have "wiping effect" removing foreign matters with its focused stress that achieves the high contacting reliability.
  • 5000 pieces are packaged in Tape & Reel
  • RoHS compliant and Halogen-free


No. of positions (plan)   10 to 120   Rated current   DC 0.25A/contact
Pitch 0.35mm Rated voltage DC 60V/contact
Width 2.4mm Withstanding voltage AC 250Vrms/min.
Stacking height 0.8mm Contact material Copper alloy
Operating temperature range   -55 to +85°C   Insulator material   Heat-resistant plastic


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Release Summary

Kyocera Connector Products released 0.35mm-pitch Board-to-Board Connector, Series 5843, mounted in smartphones, tablet PCs, mp3 players, gaming devices, and other mobile devices



KYOCERA Connector Products Corporation
Sachi Kuwabara, +81-(0)45-611-1020
Marketing Department
Fax: +81-(0)45-611-1011
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