BIOtech 2013 in Japan Exhibitor Profiles

BIOtech 2013

TOKYO--()--BIOtech 2013 in Japan takes place May 8 - 10 at the Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo, Japan.

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Listed below are the BIOtech 2013 in Japan exhibitor profiles.

Company: Ability InterBusiness Solutions, Inc.
Booth: 3-29

One-Stop Service for Your Intellectual Property Rights!
We solve your IP problems!

We have long been a leading expert in biotech IP trend surveys. We have provided great satisfaction to a biotech company in a patent map project when its partners had failed. We have a reputation for finding literature for patent applications and invalidations that other companies miss.




Booth: 3-34


ADVANCE custom antibody production service "RAntIS": We will provide antibodies "Quickly," "low cost" and with small amount of antigen. In vitro immunization and scFv construction is our core technology. Immunization to human PBMC is also possible.


Company: Apothecaries Pharmaceutical Services
Booth: 8-33
Apothecaries has been facilitating marketing authorization for the various Japanese blue-chip as well as emerging pharma, bio-pharma and allied products companies in India. Our clients list is a testimony to our credibility & professional competence which includes several companies from US, EU, Australia and India.
While the products' rights / IP remain with you - we hold MAs as custodians and seamlessly transfer them to your preferred licensees or to your Indian entity. This gives you a head start of up to 2 years to commercialize your products in the burgeoning Indian market.
The list of our Japanese clients include Astellas, Eisai, Hoya, Rohto, Santen, Takeda etc.
100+ MAs obtained by Apothecaries in past 5 years.


Company: Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5-17
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: TOKYO:5201


AGC (Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.) provides high-quality biotechnology services:
(1) Contract manufacturing with cGMP compliance using 300 L, 400 L and 4,500 L biopharmaceutical plants,
(2) Process development for microbial fermentation and purification, and
(3) High Efficiency Lactic Acid Production Process and enzymes for Saccharification using fission yeast.


Company: BizCom Japan Inc.
Booth: 2-31

At BIO tech 2013, we will introduce various cutting-edge technologies and services including InSphero's GravityPLUS hanging drop plates and ready-made co-culture liver microtissue and tumor microtissues, SIRION BIOTECH's viral vectors and cell model development services, ProImmune's Pro5 MHC classI pentamers and immunogenicity system.


Company: Catalent
Booth: 5-24

We give you more, faster. Our proprietary GPEx® technology platform for mammalian cell line development, integrated with process engineering and cGMP biomanufacturing service solutions, enable rapid biologics development to help you get your drug to market quicker. Our broad range of fill/ finish manufacturing capabilities and global supply chain network can help you take your product seamlessly to clinic and beyond. We serve thousands of innovators, large and small, in over 100 markets, including 36 of the top 50 biotech companies and 49 of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies. We are the catalyst for your success.


Company: Ezose Sciences Inc.
Booth: 3-28

Ezose Sciences is a leading Glycomics R&D company that provides state-of-the-art solutions for glycan quantitation. Our offering is "Speed with Quality and Price." Ezose Sciences' technology, the GlycanMAP platform offers a new fully automated 96-well formatted high throughput solutions that can deliver quantitative data within 24 hrs. Ezose partners are to apply our novel technology to the new biomarker discovery and to biologics drug process development as an analytical tool.
Ezose Sciences are actively seeking partners who are interested in our platform and world-class research capabilities to their biologics or biomarker development.

Our technology consists of the followings:

(1) "GlycanMAP" ; A high throughput quantitation of N- and O-linked glycans

(2) Proprietary glycan synthetic pathway analysis using quantitative glycan analysis

(3) Parent protein identification of the glycan of the interest


Booth: 3-39

FOR Clinical Development and Consulting Services customize solutions for Strategic Development Specific to Your Project; Clinical Development and Registration of NCE and NBE in Japan, Pre-clinical and Early Stage Clinical Development in the United States or Europe Translational, Science Projects.
FOR Management and Human Resource Consulting Services play a big part to provide HR related services in pharmaceuticals, biotech companies, and CROs.


Company: Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies
Booth: 4-28


Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies is one of the world's leading providers of contract process development and manufacturing services for the biopharmaceutical industry. We develop processes for our customers efficiently and rapidly, offering a broad range of cGMP manufacturing scales, services, and experience to accommodate clients' specific clinical and commercial needs. In October 2012 we announced a strategic alliance with Piramal Healthcare for the production of Antibody Drug Conjugates and are significantly expanding our mammalian cell culture facilities with the addition of new cell line development services and additional cGMP manufacturing capacity.


Company: Futuretech Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Booth: 1-1

Futuretech Engineering Co., Ltd. is engineering based trading company and promoting clean bench, medicine sore room, animal peration keeping stand and different kind of products for bio medical.


Booth: 2-1

H K ACHARYA & COMPANY is one of the leading IP firm in India since the year 1977. Our firm Headquarters is located at Ahmedabad with its branch offices in Mumbai, Morbi and Rajkot in INDIA. Our representative offices are located at Los Altos (California, USA) & Dhaka (Bangladesh). We provide full spectrum of IP services in Patents, Trademarks, Designs & Copyrights. We offer both the legal and technical insight needed for intellectual property to prosper and grow. Legal professionals of our firm are chosen by many to guide them through the complexities of Indian as well as International IP laws.


Company: Hospira One 2 One
Booth: 2-20
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NYSE: HSP

Hospira is a global specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing and manufacturing injectable products that help improve patients' health. The company's One 2 One™ business is a world leader in the custom development and manufacture of injectable products packaged in vials, prefilled syringes, and cartridges. One 2 One™ offers development and manufacturing services at its facilities in North America and Europe: McPherson, KS, USA; Liscate, Italy; Zagreb, Croatia. Whether your product is a small molecule or advanced biologic, One 2 One™'s highly qualified personnel ensure quality, capacity and security of supply.


Booth: 5-14

Located nearby Haneda Airport, the "Tonomachi International Strategic Zone - KING SKYFRONT" is developing as a research and development hub at an extraordinary speed. As a site located in the metropolitan area, it is extremely important for companies and R&D institutes which are seeking to develop globally. Kawasaki City is setting up a booth to provide information to promote the site's attractions. A seminar will also be held on May 8th from 16:20, with presentations to be made by Professor Kataoka from Tokyo University and the National Institute of Health Sciences - covering the latest information regarding their projects.


Company: Kirgen Bioscience (Hainan) Co., Ltd
Booth: 9-32
Kirgen is an US based company and we are a leading brand with ISO 13485/CE certified management system and 100K grade clean manufacture environment, which specializes in quality disposable lab consumables such as pipette tips, micro/centrifuge tubes, real time PCR tubes etc, all products are DNase/RNase free and non-pyrogenic. We are one of those several brands that supply top featured consumables currently around the world include extra-long pipette tips; Furthermore, Kirgen has very successful project working experience with many top brands and global distributors, which allows us to serve our customer with the most professional logistics and in time warehousing.


Company: Mass Solutions Technology
Booth: 3-45
Mass Solutions Technology has been dedicated to assisting biopharmaceutical development from the preliminary discovery, approval process, to manufacturing phase by offering comprehensive protein analysis services. Our lab was inspected by TFDA in 2012 and found to be in compliance with the GLP requirements. For academic clients, we offer research oriented services including protein identification, modification determination and protein differential expression analysis for various biological samples. For biopharmaceutical industry, we provide full characterization plans for biological products including molecular weight analysis, complete amino acid sequence and modification determination, peptide mapping for biosimilar comparison or lot-to-lot QC, and degradation/impurities profiling.


Company: MK Scientific Inc.
Booth: 2-30


MK Scientific Inc. has been importing various kinds of measuring equipment from the world. (Over 18 countries and over 30 manufacturers of measuring meters) for long time, as experienced and agent for the Japanese Market.


Company: MultiLing
Booth: 3-1

MultiLing is the translator of the world's most important IP and technical documents in 80+ languages and 120+ countries. We provide source translation from Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the U.S.
Founded in 1988, MultiLing defines and drives best practices for advanced multinational translations. Our unique model combines highly specialized translators, a centralized management process, terminology management, quality control and proprietary technology. It ensures accurate, highly specialized and secure translation for global enterprises with highly technical demands. This model specifically addresses the needs of the patent, information technology, chemical, medical technology, biotechnology and automotive industries.


Company: Mycenax Biotech Inc.
Booth: 3-45
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: TSE:4726


Mycenax Biotech Inc. utilizes its CMC-centered, disposable-tech-featured biologics development platform providing Contract Development and Manufacturing Services.
We support client with:

- PIC/S cGMP facility

- Mammalian cell culture in 50/200 L biowave reactors or 50/200/500 L

- Mammalian cell culture in 50/200/500 L Single Use Bioreactors(2,000 L SUB to serve by 2013).

- Microbial fermentation

- Fill/finishing

- Analytical method development


Company: Nishimura Machine Works Co.,Ltd.
Booth: 1-44

Nishimura Machine Works makes the establishment of a business 79th anniversary and the plant maker which design the powder grain apparatuses such as a crusher, a sieve machine and the mixer.
The needs of automation, the mechanization of the measurement work just increases for human error measures and traceability these days, while "security and relief" is strongly demanded including medicine and food industry.
"N pack scale" is a powder grain substantives and inflectionals automatic weighing machine to meet such needs. The exhibition machine is for laboratory and R&D, but it is with a desk type for several grams of available measurements, but the large size type that several kilograms of measurements are possible does a lineup. If there is a case to have a problem about a measurement, please drop in at our booth by all means.


Company: Olympus Biotech Corporation
Booth: 3 – 30

Located in Lebanon, NH in USA, Olympus Biotech Corporation manufactures recombinant proteins using mammalian cell culture (CHO) at its state-of-the-art facility. With our R&D expertise, experience and know-how to support broad range of activities from start to finish; this includes cell banking and culture, downstream processing, aseptic fill, stability testing and storage, analytical support and validation. We are compliant with US/FDA regulations as well as with EMA/TGA, and also ISO 13485 certified. We are a "one-stop shop" designed specifically to meet your manufacturing needs to increase chances of success to ensure the supply and consistent quality of the end product.


Company: Organization for Tottori Industrial Promotion
Booth: 2-55

Tottori Bio Frontier opened its doors in April 2011 as an "industry-academia-government" collaborative research center on the premises of Tottori University's Yonago campus. Bio Frontier—a collaboration between Tottori University Research Center for Bioscience and Technology and Tottori University Chromosome Engineering Research Center, two facilities that are at the cutting edge of bioscience innovation such as chromosome engineering technology—is committed to supporting R&D and practical applications in bioscience fields, and further aims to evolve into a bio-industry hub. Rental facilities such as an open laboratory, private rooms, laboratories, latest equipments and animal rooms are available for rent on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors of the Bio Frontier building. An animal research facility and laboratory are also available on the 5th floor of Tottori University for companies that require an SPF animal breeding facility.


Company: Pharmacrea Kobe Co,Ltd.
Booth: 2-56

Pharmacrea Kobe Corporation contributes to society in creation with the brains of researchers who specialize in chemistry, pharmacology, medicine, and veterinary medicine, and physicians. We display in the exhibition stable and solubilized Shikonin (Wakamurasaki (Tentative)) and beauty products that can rejuvenate skin on the basis of the technology that can dissolve poorly-soluble compounds. Wakamurasaki, exhibited for the first time, might be used in not only cosmetics ingredients but also dyer's-weed.
Cooperative ventures : DAISO Co, Ltd. and BIOSTIR Inc.


Company: R & D Management Solution Inc.
Booth: 2-38


Our motto is "Making Happy Faces" by ensuring your satisfaction. All organization runs projects to reach in 'to-be-state' from 'as-is-state' to achieve their dream, which often fails due to unpreparedness and lack of suitable management software. We have developed unique one-stop project management software MyManager™ (; along with efficient planning and execution, it will identify performance of project and team in real-time so that you can save your business before it is too late. Besides, we have biotechnology-based promising projects (stem cell and protein production related) to partner with interested business entities. Be our partner and "Excel Your Business Success."


Company: Sepmag
Booth: 1-11

Sepmag develops homogenous biomagnetic separation equipment for the global diagnostics market. Sepmag's instruments enhance the reproducibility of diagnostic kits, reduce material waste and facilitate the validation process. These benefits are applicable through a range of laboratory settings from R&D facilities to large scale production processes.
In Sepmag magnetic separation equipment all beads experience the same conditions regardless of their distance to the magnetic wall. This proprietary technology ensures total consistency of the end product. Sepmag products have been validated for many diverse applications such as diagnostic kit manufacturing, antigen or antibody coupling, affinity protein purification, DNA/RNA purification and cell capture/enrichment.


Company: Shanghai Medicilon Inc.
Booth: 2-34

Medicilon offers fully integrated pharmaceutical services for the global scientific community and is focused on providing an exceptional client-centered experience and advancing the drug discovery process. Since the founding of our company in 2004, our integrated services across biology, chemistry and preclinical services are uniquely designed to help clients develop their research and discovery programs from the initial idea stage to the IND filing phase.


Company: Simpson Biotech Co., Ltd.
Booth: 4-35

Simpson Biotech is a biofermentation company from Taiwan. Our products and services include:

1. Cost-effective recombinant protein platform for (CMO) industrial enzymes, Protein A/G.

2. Nutraceuticals fermented from natural materials with active compounds -Hepasim (anti-inflammatory fungus), Compound K (ginsenosides), Oligo chitosan (MW<600), low-bitterness peptide (soy, fish scales)


Company: SofSera Corporation
Booth: 3-43

Proposal for various applications of a high biocompatible material, Hydroxyapatite.
Hydroxyapatite(HAp) is a main component of teeth and bones, and has been widely-applied for medical device as one of safe bio ceramics. It is also known as high bio affinity and high absorbability.
Please utilize the features of HAp which has infinite possibilities!
[Exhibited Products / Technologies]

(1) Porous hydroxyapatite

(2) Calcined Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticle

(3) SHAp-supported non-woven fabric

(4) 'Soft Ceramics' Hydroxyapatite nanoparticle composite material

(5) Scanning electron microscope (SEM) image taking a picture trust service


Booth: 2-14

1: New VED#1 cosmetics, "Ritayakko 01" cream and "Ritayakko 10" spray, are on sale. The cream is for spot-fade, pimple and rough skin. The spray for improving thin hair and bald by helping hair growth.
2: Sale and introduction of VED#1 and SOMRE#1 for the research use. VED#1 is a peripheral artery dilator, applicable for spots, hair, wound healing, and animal reproduction. SOMRE#1 is a root promoter, increasing food production, preventing outbreak of yellow sand in Gobi desert. SOMRE#1 is a viable and concrete new technique for combating food shortage and global warming.




Booth: 2-39


Our high-quality crystallization service is based on novel technologies, which developed in Osaka University, and much knowledge and experience.
Especially, laser irradiated nucleation technology enables to obtain the crystals with high probability in proteins and drug candidates (small molecules), which are hard to crystallize by using conventional methods. Full service from protein production to structural analysis is also available. If you have any need for crystallization, please just feel free to contact us in time.


Company: Taiwan Development Center for Biotechnology
Booth: 3-14

Taiwan DCB is a leading research institute for biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry which was founded in 1984 receiving government grants. We are committed to development of biologics for therapeutic purpose and have succeeded in a pipeline of research products (Flu Vaccune, Hib Vaccine, IFN-Fc, etc). In past few years, DCB has been focusing on the development of therapeutic antibody in humans. We have established technologies and facilities necessary for bringing an antibody candidates to human trials, which include target verification, antibody screening, antibody profiling, antibody characterization, antibody huanizaton, assey development, and animal testing We have capability and GLP/GMP facility to support cell line development, cell banking and characterization, antibody manufacturing, bulk & lot release test, process validation, etc.


Company: Techscience Ltd.
Booth: 9-18


Techscience provide Advanced Surface analysis & evaluation instruments. The various 3D Surface metrology devices and Bio AFM are demonstrated.

- NaioAFM

- FlexAFM

- LensAFM

- Micro Force Sensor & Micro manipulator


Company: T Medical Service Inc.
Booth: 6-27


T Medical Service Inc. (TMS) was established in 2010 as a 100% subsidiary of Takashima & Co., Ltd., (Tokyo: 8007) focusing on constant thermal transportation for medical materials. In a short period after established, TMS has successfully got patronage from numbers of leading medical organizations including Japan Red Cross, through its piles of experimental data based on EBM concept, which TMS believes to comply with in the field of medical transportation. On this exhibition several containers and latent heat storages, designed for and sustaining regenerative medicine progress are displayed, as well as various examples of cell transportation using our traceability system.


Company: Transtech Inc.
Booth: 1-15

At BIO Tech 2013, we have MetOne ParticleCounter, PBI Air Sampler, TSI Air Velocity, Wedgewood Turbidimeter, TSI Air Velocity, AIT Filter integrity tester.


Company: Wuhan Healthgen Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Booth: 4-54


Healthgen Biotechnology is a leader in developing and commercializing animal-free cell culture supplements and reagents used in biomanufacturing, cell culture, biopharmaceutical formulation, life science research, medical devices and diagnostics. Our products are without animal components so customers can be confident in the quality and consistency. Healthgen Biotech has innovated the bioreactors Oryza High Expression, which can highly express proteins and small peptides in cereal crop endosperm. The product line includes: OsrHSA (recombinant human serum albumin), OsrbFGF (recombinant human basic fibroblast growth factor), OsrIGF-1 (recombinant insulin-like growth factor-1)


About BIOtech 2013 Japan

BIOtech 2013 Japan is the Asia's largest bio event consisting of [Partnering], [Conference (250* presentations)] & [Exhibition (600* exhibitors)]. More than 200 new exhibitors / academic presenters joining this time, the 2013 show will further enhance its value as the hub of the Asian bio industry. At the Conference, the latest development on the hottest topics such as iPS Cells, Companion Diagnostics and Antibody Drug will be addressed by high-profile speakers. (*expected)
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