, Inc. Launches “Time Out Buddy™”

New App Helps Parents Teach Young Kids Self-Discipline

Time Out Buddy Teaches Kids Self-Discipline. Don't punish, get a Time Out Buddy (Photo: Business Wire)

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RIVERSIDE, Calif.--()--Tracy Wood, President of, Inc. announced today that “Time Out Buddy™” is available now for $1.99 at the iTunes online store and at the company’s website Time Out Buddy™ is a unique behavioral health app that teaches boys and girls how to quiet themselves and manage emotions in a positive, not punitive, way.

“Time out, when properly used, is one of the most effective ways to teach young children self-discipline and self-control,” according to Sherri D. Webb, Ph.D., Director of Psychological Services at “Parents need help to persuade children to take time out for the recommended period of time. Time Out Buddy™ frees parents from being timekeepers and gives children an incentive to sit still with an engaging tool to help them master their own behavior. It lets children see the progress they are making toward completion of their time out period and gives them encouragement and support along the way,” she said.

“Dr. Webb came to us with the concept, and, Inc. provided the technology and the look and feel of Time Out Buddy™,” said Tracy Wood, founder of “It helps my children take part in managing their own behavior in a positive way. It really works!”

Time Out Buddy™ is a valuable tool for parents seeking a technique that can be used to manage children’s behavior without causing them to feel fearful, angry, or bad about themselves. Parents confused over age appropriate punishment methods will welcome the Time Out Buddy’s™ age adjusted scheduling, low cost, ease of use, and availability any time anywhere. It has the ability to help more than one child and is intuitive. It can be used in the supermarket, in the family auto, daycare, pre-school, or at home when Mom is on the telephone. Parents and caregivers can instruct children to go to a time out spot and give them the Time Out Buddy™ to hold, once they quiet down. Children are empowered to monitor their own progress and return to their activity when the Time Out Buddy™ indicates that they have been quiet for the required number of minutes, which is normally one minute for each year of age. provides HIPAA compliant online mental health and behavioral therapy, delivered by state licensed clinical therapists nationwide, not just online “advice.” For more information on, or for an interview, please contact Debbie Douglas at 949.464.9301 or

Debbie Douglas, 949.464.9301

Release Summary

TimeOutBuddy teaches kids self-discipline. It's effective in calming down both kids and their parents.

Debbie Douglas, 949.464.9301