Toledo Blade Fully Live with Multi-channel Libercus Publishing System

E. Viddal & Associates Content Management Software is Changing the Economics of the Media Industry With New Revenue Opportunities

TOLEDO, Ohio--()--The Toledo Blade today announced the successful launch of all components of its newspaper and digital publishing products using the Libercus content management system. The launch includes the improved eBlade 3.0, a new version of its electronically delivered newspaper, powered by Libercus. EBlade 3.0 is an electronic delivery channel that combines the look and feel of the traditional newspaper with the dynamic characteristics of a website.

Libercus is a state-of-the-art publishing system that improves upon older legacy systems designed for newspaper print editions. Libercus provides seamless delivery of content to print, online, mobile device and e-Delivery channels from a single browser-based content management platform, empowering publishers to build new sources of revenue while cutting overhead expenses.

“EBlade significantly enhances the revenue model for newspapers,” said John Crisp, vice president of new media for the Toledo Blade. “It delivers advertisers a full-range of offerings that precisely target readers, driving higher advertising rates. This includes profile and geo-targeted ads, dynamic and searchable electronic inserts, and video with pre-, mid- and post-roll ads, all in the context of an electronic newspaper replica.”

The new eBlade is facilitated by the state-of-the-art Libercus publishing system, which provides tools not found in older print-focused content management systems. Libercus allows the Blade to produce its website, print and mobile products, social media posts and the eBlade in a single content management system.

Libercus runs in a standard Web browser and is designed specifically for the cloud. It allows publishers to save money by eliminating redundant content management systems, improving workflow and reducing technical support. Libercus opens the door to the next generation of advertising options necessary for publications to thrive in the digital revolution.

“The Libercus eBlade moves traditional printed newspapers into the multimedia world,” said Kurt Franck, executive editor and vice president of The Blade. “The ability to add videos, audio files, photo slideshows and the important breaking news throughout the day can literally make a story jump off the computer screen.”

“This isn't your father's newspaper," Franck added. “What once was a static page now comes to life and entices a younger generation of readers, while keeping long-term readers satisfied.”

Franck said Libercus has helped him improve the newsroom's workflow because content for the printed edition, website and electronic-delivery edition are all in one system.

Crisp adds: "The Libercus implementation was rapid and effective compared with other content systems we used. We were able to train producers, editors and designers on a single system, improving workflow."

The Toledo Blade has been publishing its Web and mobile sites using Libercus since February 2011. The Blade began producing the print newspaper with Libercus beginning in summer 2012. Today’s announcement marks the full and successful completion to a new generation of the Toledo Blade.

"This is the missing link in a new business model for the newspaper industry," said Allan Block, chairman of Block Communications.

Libercus, developed by E. Viddal & Associates, allows newsrooms to rethink their production processes and emphasize the digital delivery of content, using an efficient alternative to older legacy newspaper publishing systems.

“The mission and focus of Libercus is to make multi-channel news publishing more efficient, reach more digital readers, and generate new revenue,” said Erlend Viddal, CEO of E. Viddal & Associates.

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