Taptera Launches Sophia, Voice-to-CRM iOS Application

Salesforce.com users on iOS increase productivity through voice update capabilities

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Today, Taptera, a leading developer of fast and scalable, custom-tailored mobile business applications for the enterprise, launched its latest product, Sophia. Built initially for iOS, Sophia increases efficiency and productivity for Salesforce.com users as they conduct sales calls and work to maintain corresponding records of conversations and action items while on the go. Leveraging Natural Voice Understanding, the application allows salespeople to update Salesforce.com entries with call details and next steps from their mobile device.

“We like to think of Sophia as a child of Siri and Salesforce – one with a deep integration of contextual voice technology and understanding of the need for that functionality and accuracy in an intuitive mobile application,” said Chris O’Connor, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Taptera. “As the global, mobile workforce continues to grow, the ability to utilize a mobile application to maintain records you previously had to be at your desktop to update is just one area in which we see a great deal of innovation occurring. Sales people make up a sizeable market that is ripe to be served, especially with today’s increasingly sophisticated Natural Voice Understanding technologies and mobile devices.”

The enterprise is increasingly focused on mobile technology investments for their employees. With access to these productivity tools, knowledge workers are expected to complete tasks with comparable efficiency. Today, industry norms for the number of calls to contacts per day are around sixty for the average inside sales rep and they spend roughly 10-15 minutes updating each Opportunity entry.

At launch, Sophia enables salespeople to:

  • Update an opportunity or account with call details and action items via voice with contextual intelligence
  • Create a new sales milestone on-the-go
  • Confirm the voice request that Sophia automatically processes
  • Reduce administrative time
  • Increase time spent selling

Sophia is the sixth customizable mobile sales application from Taptera joining Collateral, Rooms, Events, Sales Concierge and Colleagues in the company’s suite of sales enablement products. At launch, Sophia will support English with additional languages to be added as requested by clients. Additionally, Android support is also an option for custom tailoring. The application has a base rate of 15 dollars per user per month.

“Administrative tasks such as data entry are necessary evils for most businesses, however, as Natural Voice Understanding technology matures there’s no reason why those processes should not evolve just as they did when CRM and the cloud came about,” said Jessica Valenzuela, VP of Growth and Innovation, Taptera. “As more workers complete tasks while on the go, it is a natural next step to provide those employees with the tools to manage their data and entry updating from their mobile devices. We expect to see this tool impact the bottom lines of our customers due to the increased time spent selling and reduced time spent on low value, administrative tasks.”

About Taptera

Founded in 2011, Taptera makes fast, beautiful and scalable social sales applications for the growing mobile workforce. With over five years of iOS and Android experience, Taptera offers a suite of innovative mobile business products that marry public social data with enterprise systems, including CRM, ERP, SAP, LDAP, Exchange, Gmail and other enterprise, cloud-based solutions and platforms.

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Taptera, Inc.
Kate Pokorny, 617-797-5174

Release Summary

Taptera, a leading developer of fast, scalable, mobile business apps, launched its latest app, Sophia, which increases efficiency for Salesforce users as they conduct sales calls and maintain records.



Taptera, Inc.
Kate Pokorny, 617-797-5174